系统的力量 The Power of System

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- 提⾼效率:⼯作进度全⾯提升,缩短⽬标完成时间
- 降低成本:⽤最少的⼈做最多的事,企业总成本持续下降
- 竞争优势:⾏业⻔槛越来越⾼,⽽且不容易被对⼿抄袭,所以同⾏宁愿跟你合作数字化管

未来新⼀代的⼯作⽅式,将会是⼈与事相互成就,回归管与理的本质; 采⽤先进系统,可
以直接定义先进团队的⼯作⽅式。 数字化运营已经是所有企业务必前进的⽅向, 因为数字
化是最⾼效和最先进的管理⽅案, 所以数字化是⾏业的创新神器,让企业得到弯道超⻋的

⽆论中⼩企业还是⼤型组织, 这⾥都有适合你的数字化⽅案
来临2022年10⽉8⽇, 【系统的⼒量】将会带你探讨如何杠杆科技⼯具让组织内部更有效
率的⼯作,也将有⼯具演示和呈现。 我们期待你正式开启未来的⼯作⽅式!

主办: 企盟家商业管理咨询有限公司
⽀持单位: LARK, SBS

【The Power of System】
Why do companies have to focus on digital management?
- Improve efficiency: work progress is improved all-round and completion time of goals is
- Reduce costs: Achieve most with fewest people, thus reducing total cost of operation
- Competitive advantage: Setting higher benchmark in the industry so it will be
challenging for competitors to surpass

The new generation of working in the future will focus on mutual achievement of not only
things but also the people behind. The use of advanced systems can directly define the
working efficiency of a great team. Digitalizing daily operation is already a direction that all
enterprises must move forward to as digitalization is the most efficient and advanced
management solution, giving enterprises the opportunity to open doors to greater
potential and promising growth.

Be it SMEs or large organizations, we have a digital solution for you.
On 8th October, 2022, [The Power of the System] will take you on a journey to explore
ways to leverage on technological tools to make work more efficient within the
organization. We look forward to welcoming you to explore the future of effective working

Host: Enlliance Management Sdn. Bhd.
Supporting unit: LARK, SBS

  • 08 Oct 2022 (Saturday)

    11:00 AM

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  • Nero Event Space

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